Saturday, 25 October 2014

2014 almost over.....

My deceptively strong Porter on the Mera/Island Peak trip
2014; A bit of a different year for me. The activity started with a trip to Morocco (see previous post) and in the spring a trip to Nepal once again for Jagged Globe. Revisiting Mera Peak but with the addition of Island Peak this time. (Trip report and photo's here).
For the rest of the year I took a bit of time out from the mountains and returned to Tree Surgery. Making sure I am still current and up to date with the necessary skills.
I had another trip up Ben Nevis in September for the Breast Cancer Care charity, another really successful event run by Latitude Events.
On the music front, my band managed to play Bloodstock Festival in August this year which was an amazing weekend, aswell as shooting our second video since I have joined the band.
Photo Courtesy of Will Tudor Photography 
However it is now the 25th of October meaning it is just over one month until I head to Argentina. This is another trip for Jagged Globe and we are heading for Aconcagua (details here). There are several teams heading out through December but we are to be the first one this year.

In the mean time here is a short clip from Mera Peak this year.